MASTER Cab Chassis
right choice

The right choice for your business.

The ability to make the right decisions, the ones that give the best outcomes for the least risk, is what separates successful business owners from the rest. That's what makes the Renault Master range an easy choice.

It features class leading safety technology as standard, a comfortable and feature packed cabin, and comes backed with the security of long warranties. Plus with 12 month service interval's the Master Cab Chassis delivers real value to your bottom line.

Available in five body sizes and three body styles, in both front and rear wheel drive configurations, you'll have no trouble dining one to suit your business.

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Your office on the road.

Open the driver's door and you'll find a spacious and functions cabin that's made to measure for commercial vehicle drivers. The dash includes plenty of handy storage, and the passenger bench features a fold down centre seat with an integrated table that's made for a laptop or lunch.

There's an overhead storage shelf for your paperwork and optional under seat storage with 90L of space that's perfect for a lunch cooler or valuable items you'd prefer not to leave out on display.

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Renault New Zealand Master

Technology designed for you.

The Master range is full of technology design to make your life easier every day. Like the 'wide-view' blind spot rear view mirror, located on the passenger sun visor, to give the driver extra awareness of their surroundings.

Featured standard equipment including Cruise Control, multi-function trip computer, audio streaming Bluetooth®, CD/MP3 radio with steering mounded controls, 2 USB audio inputs and a 12V auxiliary power outlet, the Master Van has everything you need.

A wide variety of factory options are also available including hands-free and the Renault MediaNav Enhanced Navigation system that allows control of all phone, audio and navigation services through a single intuitive and intelligent touchscreen interface.

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Renault New Zealand Master

Power and efficiency.

Just because it’s a commercial van, it doesn’t mean performance isn’t still our first priority. We believe the van you drive for work should be as enjoyable as any other vehicle. With a 110kW turbo (AMT transmission) or 120kW twin-turbo (manual transmission) engine, you’ll find both have plenty of grunt for high speed cruising and safe overtaking. Even more impressive, the 360Nm of torque on tap on a manual transmission from a low 1,500rpm’s makes for effortless starts and minimal gear changes.

Master Van’s power and drivability is delivered with no compromise to economy. Combining twin-turbo technology with Stop/Start, ECO Mode and Renault’s Energy Smart Management (a system that uses the vehicles kinetic energy to charge the battery while braking) the ‘Energy Dci 165’ engine is one of the most efficient large van power plants available. It’s also one of the cleanest, reflecting Renault's long standing commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

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safety is our priority1

Safety is our priority.

Every Master Van comes with a comprehensive array of passive and active safety features. Up front, the driver gets a 3-point height adjustable seat belt with pre-tensioner, with the added security of standard driver's front and side airbags. The ergonomically designed cockpit helps to limit driver distraction, and fully adjustable seating reduces driver fatigue. There’s a unitary chassis constructed of high strength-to weight steel for an optimised body that’s both lightweight and strong. The engine and transmission are designed to break away downwards in a heavy frontal impact, protecting the occupant’s legs and lower body.

Electronic Stability Control (ESC), a sophisticated driver aid that senses loss of traction and then applies the brakes and/or reduces power to these wheels to keep your Master Van on track.

Roll Over Mitigation (ROM) applies targeted wheel braking when sensors detect the vehicle is turning too quickly and may be at risk of tipping due to its higher gravitation point.

Grip X-Tend maximises grip in slippery conditions or on loose surfaces. Combined with Traction Control and Hill Start Assist, all these safety features are designed to keep your Master Van under maximum control in all conditions.

Serious stopping power.

The Master Van’s Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) means you’ll be able to stop in the shortest distance possible, while maintaining full steering control.

With its four wheel discs and Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), the Master Van can come to a complete stop from 100km/h in less than 45 metres.

Whether you’re the driver or the owner, everyone should come home safe from work. That's why Master Van works hard to keep you out of trouble.

Sensing your surroundings.

There’s an unrivalled view through the large windshield and extensively glazed side doors. Large side mirrors, a rear camera, park sensors and the innovative Wide View Mirror make for excellent all-round visibility, even in the huge Extended Long Wheelbase model. A glazed bulkhead helps keep your load in the back, right where it’s meant to be.

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master cab chassis single black
Renault MASTER Single Cab Features
  • RWD, Auto or Manual Transmission
  • 2.5 tonne Payload & 3.0 tonne Towing
  • 4.5 x 2.1m optional Factory Tray
  • 12 month/30,000km Service Intervals
  • Stability Control, ABS & Dual Airbags
  • 3 year/200,000km Warranty
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Master Dual Cab tempestblue
Renault MASTER Dual Cab Features
  • RWD, Auto or Manual Transmissions
  • Comfortably Seats 7 Passengers
  • 3.0 tonne Towing, Eaton ® Auto Diff Lock
  • More Than 250L of Internal Storage
  • 3.8 x 2.1m Factory Tray
  • 12 month/30,000km Service Intervals
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