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Renault Genuine Servicing is all about providing you with an enjoyable servicing experience. We not only provide you with the best quality service for your Renault, but also advice you can trust, convenience you can rely on, and value beyond just a great price.

Leave your Renault in the hands of Renault experts and experience the Renault Genuine Servicing difference.

We protect it like it’s our own

From the moment your Renault arrives at a Renault Service Department, to just before you pick it up, we take special care of it by fitting Protective Seat Covers, Protective Floor Mats and a Protective Steering Wheel Cover.

We only use specialised equipment

Only Renault dealerships are authorised to use specialist Renault technology, such as Renault CLIP, to service your vehicle. This Formula 1™ inspired technology is capable of diagnosing and reprogramming your vehicle’s on-board computers, ensuring optimum performance and safety.

We keep you informed

You won’t be left wondering while your Renault is being serviced. We’ll communicate whenever necessary to ensure you have a full understanding of everything related to the service of your vehicle.

Not to mention, all parts fitted and labour performed at an authorised Renault dealership are backed by our 30,000kms or 12 month service (with exemption of Kangoo and Zoe, 15,000kms or 12 month se). You’ll also benefit from the expertise of Renault specialist technicians and use of Renault Genuine Parts. All of this adds to long term reliability, performance, and a preservation of resale value for your Renault.

To book your next service with Renault New Zealand, please fill out the form below and a member of our customer service team will contact you to arrange your service.

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