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MASTER Minibus

The ability to make the right decisions, the ones that give the best outcomes for the least risk, is what separates successful business owners from the rest. That's what makes the Renault Master range a natural choice.

It features class-leading safety technology as standard, a comfortable and feature-packed cabin, and comes backed with the security of long warranties. Plus with 12-month service interval's Master Van delivers real value to your bottom line.

Available in five body sizes and three body styles, in both front and rear wheel drive configurations, you'll have no trouble finding one to suit your business.

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Renault MASTER Van Range

MASTER Medium Wheelbase

MASTER Medium Wheelbase

  • 11m³ Volume
  • 3.0m Load Length
  • 1630kg Payload
  • 2500kg Braked Towing
MASTER  Long Wheelbase

MASTER Long Wheelbase

  • 13.0m³ Volume
  • 3.7m Load Length
  • 1584kg Payload
  • 2500kg Braked Towing
MASTER Short Wheelbase

MASTER Short Wheelbase

  • 8m³ Volume
  • 2.5m Load Length
  • 1663kg Payload
  • 2500kg Braked Towing
MASTER XL Wheelbase

MASTER XL Wheelbase

  • 17m³ Volume
  • 4.3m Load Length
  • 2134kg Payload
  • 3000kg Braked Towing

Get to know the Renault MASTER

Choose the van to suit your cargo

Courier, tradie or just about anything in between - there's a Renault Master that's right for you.

With a van range that spans 8 to 17 cubic metres, and payloads from 1.6 to 2.2 tonnes, you'll find a Master Can that's the right size for your business. Choose front wheel drive for a low floor height, easy driveability and plenty of headroom. Our rear wheel drive for high payloads, increased traction and serious cargo carrying capability.

Power and Efficiency.

Just because it’s a commercial van, it doesn’t mean performance isn’t still our priority. We believe the van you drive for work should be as enjoyable as any other vehicle. With a 110kW turbo (AMT transmission) or 120kW twin-turbo (manual transmission) engine, you’ll find both have plenty of grunt for high-speed cruising and safe overtaking. Even more impressive, the 360Nm of torque on tap on a manual transmission from a low 1,500rpm’s makes for easy starts and minimal gear changes.

Handle Ample Payloads.

Available in 4 lengths and three heights, Master Van offers an effective volume of between 8m3 and 17m3, with an effective load of up to 2,207kg (on rear-wheel drive version).

Substantial rear and side openings, optimal loading area, up to 12 lashing rings, clever stowage compartments: Master Van, one of the greats when it comes to loading.

Front or rear-wheel drive?

 In front-wheel drive models the engine is turning less than 2,000rpm’s at freeway speeds, delivering excellent fuel economy, with notably low vibration and cabin noise. Good for your sanity, and good for your wallet too.

Rear-wheel drive models feature lower gearing for even more torque, especially at low speeds. With the extra traction from their dual rear wheels, it’s just what you need to get your 2.2 tonne payloads moving, no matter what the road surface.

Safety is our priority.

 Every Master Van comes with a comprehensive array of passive and active safety features. Up front, the driver gets a 3-point height adjustable seat belt with pre-tensioner, with the added security of standard driver's front and side airbags. The ergonomically designed cockpit helps to limit driver distraction, and fully adjustable seating reduces driver fatigue. 

There’s a unitary chassis constructed of high strength-to weight steel for an optimised body that’s both lightweight and strong.