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The revival of a best-seller

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International van of the year 2022

All-new KANGOO has been awarded International Van of the Year for 2022. Tested against a stacked criteria including efficiency, safety, sustainability, and environmental standards and coming out on top against 14 light commercial vehicles from 11 different brands.

Refined and efficient

Style comes easy for the All-New KANGOO  with a fully redesigned front end and a sleek new grille. The restyled bonnet flows on to sculptured sides, giving it a more pronounced profile and a stronger road presence. 

Advanced safety tech and intuitive tech

 All-new KANGOO is loaded with a full suite of advanced and innovative driver assistance systems to provide a safe and assured driving experience.

Smart and intuitive easy link multimedia system allows you to keep up with your work day and stay focused on the road ahead.

Whether you're travelling around town or making a trip out on the open road, All-new KANGOO can do!

Sophisticated yet versatile

 The All-new KANGOO is significantly sophisticated. Just because you use your van for work, doesn't mean it needs to feel like it. KANGOO  brings a modern and sophisticated interior which provides a comfortable and car-like feel. The interior has been entirely redesigned for practicality with multiple storage spaces, while the new seats ensure you feel supported throughout your workday, all while being extremely durable.