"Grey Import" Warranty Information

Vehicles that come into the country through non-authorised channels are called “Grey Imports”. These vehicles may or may not be the same specification as those that are imported through authorised channels.

Currently the New Zealand Government allows parallel importation and both private individuals and licenced motor vehicle dealers can import such vehicles.

Grey imported vehicles will still require servicing and maintenance as per the service handbook and it is recommended that authorised Renault Dealers carry out the work.


Is or has the vehicle been registered?

Any vehicle imported must be registered in the country of origin first categorising it as a used import, so any New Zealand customer is at least the second owner.

What are the warranty implications?

International warranty is not available in New Zealand. This includes petrol, diesel and electric vehicles. If you have purchased or are looking to import a grey import we suggest you obtain information from the used vehicle importer

What are the “Goodwill” implications?

Where an imported vehicle has a part or vehicle defect, Renault New Zealand Limited will not accept the claim. No goodwill claims will be accepted on imported vehicles and this includes wear and tear items, or items requiring adjustment.

You should seek further information from the used vehicle importer from where you purchased the vehicle

What are the Roadside Assistance implications?

Roadside assistance programs will not be provided by Renault for grey imports.

What about recall and service campaigns?

Imported vehicles will be included in any manufacturer safety recall. All New Zealand new vehicles will automatically be covered under any manufacturer safety recall or service campaign and all costs will be covered.

Will overseas satellite navigation systems work here?

Imported vehicles may have navigation and driver assistance systems, however these systems will not automatically work in New Zealand and they sometimes can’t be retrofitted.

New Zealand new vehicles have been supplied with a compatible system which includes localised navigation maps with planned regular updates

Can the speedometer reading of imported cars be relied upon?

As with all imports of used vehicles, there is evidence of both true and correct mileage and incorrect (wound back) mileage readings - the onus is upon the buyer to be comfortable with the mileage shown and for the private importer to validate the true mileage.

As a customer am I protected under the Consumer Guarantee Act?

Yes you are if you have purchased the vehicle from a licensed vehicle trader. If you purchased from a private importer, then you are not covered by the Act.

All New Zealand new vehicles are supported by the authorised Renault Dealer network and as well as all relevant NZ legislation.